Cragsman [noun]

Definition of Cragsman:

mountain climber

Synonyms of Cragsman:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cragsman:


Sentence/Example of Cragsman:

It is not comfortable ground, however, except for a tolerable cragsman.

But now, at the present moment, he was unwilling to make essay of his prowess as a cragsman.

So defiant is the challenge of this rock that no cragsman can pass it by.

Once on the summit the successful cragsman can have any wish he may pine for.

So skilled was he in this that he was called Craggeir, the Cragsman; and no man could surpass him, whether in daring or skill.

A complete precipice, perfectly inaccessible to a white man, even though a born cragsman, guarded the right flank.

He must be helmsman and chief, the cragsman, the rifleman, the boat steerer.

The most brilliant cragsman finds his skill of little avail.

Another was stunned by a mass of masonry hurled at him by a giant cragsman.

No cragsman in broadest daylight could do such a thing, he asserted.