Crams [verb]

Definition of Crams:

fill to overflowing; compress

Synonyms of Crams:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crams:

Sentence/Example of Crams:

This is simpler than having to cram and then stand the racket of a competitive examination.

Still he clung to the little thistledown of hope that he should have plenty of time to cram it before the form were called up.

They cram as much fruit as they possibly can into their cheek pouches to take away and eat afterwards at their leisure.

It would indeed be unreasonable to cram into a single genus both superior and inferior things.

And the speaker subsided into thoughtful silence, and began slowly to cram his pipe.

Were I a power in the universe, I would cram the air over the heads of such incarnate greeds with clouds of souls!

Think of the divine old man growing a sort of vetch in his garden to cram his pockets with for the deer in Kensington Garden.

Dont cram your cheeks out with food like an ape, for if any one should speak to you, you cant answer, but must wait.

"I will cram the stamps down their throat with the end of my sword," said an officer at New York.

God send thee to cram thy slops with French crowns, and thy enemies bellies with bullets.