Cranium [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Cranium:

Old Sanders tapped with both hands on his shining cranium and asked, Are you confident he loves her?

And old Sanders again tapped in the rhythm of a dirge on his parchment-bound cranium.

Suddenly the old man beat a tattoo on his cranium and closed his eyes, apparently deep in thought.

The cranium has a low, depressed arch, with a very narrow frontal region and highly developed superciliary ridges.

Seventh, his great thickness of cranium, which resists blows that would break the skull of an average European.

But what went on behind that mask, within that long ill-built cranium, Gwynne had never pretended to guess.

Besides this, there is commonly some abnormality in the shape of the head, or the cranium is distinctly asymmetrical.

All the sutures of the cranium are similar to those of man, which is not the case in other apes or monkeys.

In less than two minutes the cranium of Mark Antony Figgins was as smooth and destitute of hair as a bladder of lard.

Water on the Brain is characterized by an enlarged head due to an increased accumulation of fluid within the cranium.