Cranky [adjective]

Definition of Cranky:

in bad mood

Synonyms of Cranky:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cranky:

Sentence/Example of Cranky:

I fancy he finds it rather dull with only a cranky old man and a half-crazy woman for associates.

Who Howard was, or the cranky old man and half-crazy woman, Eloise had no idea, nor did she give them a thought.

True, the equipment was old and cranky, much of it haywired together, much of it invented from scratch.

The gum king of the Moosehead region is a rather cranky old chap, who has been at the business ever since he was a youth.

They have to study and take care of cranky sick folks for three whole years before they can wear those white clothes.

Ought to be a bit careful of that cranky chest of yours in this confounded weather.

I had twelve miles to ride and we had a cranky cook at the ranch, an' I hadn't et anythin' since five o'clock, sun-up.

Dorindy was terrible cranky all the time she was in your ma's room and I didn't know what would happen when she come out.

And so Rothman sent him along to the University of Lund, with letters to another doctor still more cranky than himself.

And I say to mother, don't you be getting cranky and snappy so as no one will want to live with you when you get old.