Cranny [noun]

Definition of Cranny:

nook, opening

Synonyms of Cranny:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cranny:

Sentence/Example of Cranny:

It doesn’t require many ingredients to get a muffin full of perfect nooks and crannies On this episode of “Plateworthy,” chef Nyesha Arrington makes English muffins from scratch.

If you have a larger living space you might want to look for something that can last between 90 to 120 minutes to make sure the robot can get to every nook and cranny before needing to recharge.

The old miner set the machine working, and the light flashed into every nook and cranny of the subterranean cavern.

There was not one nook or cranny into which that ruthless self-knowledge could not throw its cruel glare.

It was his theory of Duty, expanded till it penetrated 57 every cranny of the individual soul.

There was no cranny in the rocks too small for them to reconnoiter with caution.

Are we wise to hide from life, like a lizard in a cranny of a wall?

By every tree and ledge, by every cranny and point of rock, stoutly rooted hazel and thorn bush and clump of gorse, they climbed.

It is troublesome, even to the Arabs; it forces the sand into the houses through every cranny, and fills every thing with it.

Miss Hope made this reluctant admission after they had visited every nook and cranny.