Crashing [adjective]

Definition of Crashing:


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Sentence/Example of Crashing:

The bushes seemed to burst into smoke and flame, and then came a crashing volley in return.

He only knew that he was awakened by a tremendous noise, and that the ship seemed to be crashing to pieces.

He brought down his clenched hand upon the table, caught in passing a flagon, and sent it crashing to the floor.

When the last crashing chorus had been sung, the two swells went round and chatted freely with all comers.

They were crashing upon it; the red speedster swelled instantly before their eyes.

Chet shouted, and Harkness' tense muscles threw the current into crashing life.

The Margaretta, with no hand at her helm, broached to, and in a minute more the sloop came crashing against her.

They could hear horses crashing through the thickets; other men plunged in after them on foot.

Black Hoof with a lightning gesture raised his ax and struck Dale with the flat of it, sending him crashing to the ground.

At this moment, the sound of voices and the crashing chords of a piano broke in incongruously upon their mood.