Crass [adjective]

Definition of Crass:

coarse, insensitive

Synonyms of Crass:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crass:

Sentence/Example of Crass:

In that context, it looks something like a kickback, although Miss Manners hopes that your friend was merely succumbing to the crass idea that payments are always welcome.

There is no independence, and all of them are rooting for crass political agendas.

His psychology is that of the crass materialist—always a rather funny article.

To tolerate a trifling error inevitably leads to crass heresy.

How crass and blind had been his anguished spirit when first it quivered under the shock of her disappearance!

He was fat and crass and ugly, that joss, a fit deity for such a den, and he seemed to nod and to listen!

I have always liked her, been really fond of her, in fact, but this crass exhibition of bad breeding disgusts me.

On the floor a few dancers were glued together in crass familiarity, making odious gestures of the whole body.

Suppose the subject to be a great brawl, some really crass deception, some story of an attack on honor, etc.

Thus ended the battle of James Island or Secessionville, the culmination of crass obstinacy and folly.