Crassness [noun]

Definition of Crassness:


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Sentence/Example of Crassness:

Livingstone was so shocked and grieved by the crassness of such a statement that he really longed to take Crittenden in hand.

To found a world-empire like the British or Roman calls for a certain bullet-headed crassness.

My father seemed disappointed at my crassness, and inwardly blamed himself for having asked me.

One observes the crassness and inconsistency of these statements.

However, he is a good man—I really need just now to repeat that fact to myself—though mewed up in crassness.

This class of criticism is born either of ignorance or of jealousy or of crassness.

On your crassness superimposing the peculiar art of glosing in sleek phrases about Sin.

The blatancy, the crassness of the daily prints revolted him.

Eugene was a little disgusted with what he considered the crassness of these people.

But what surprised Andre-Louis was the unutterable crassness of the methods by which the Privileged ranged themselves for battle.