Crate [noun]

Definition of Crate:

wooden container

Synonyms of Crate:







Opposite/Antonyms of Crate:


Sentence/Example of Crate:

In two hours, the Soviets would wake with sore heads and start to count their crates at the train station.

One tip is to leave the pet alone in a crate or other area for up to an hour at a time so they get used to being alone.

I kept their poetry safely packaged in a crate padded with literary scholarship.

With six flavors, these treats were created by a chef from the renowned Culinary Institute of America and come in a basswood cookie crate that can be used later to store magazines, catalogs or papers.

When a dog is calm and tired post-walk, Mynchenberg likes to take advantage of that time to work on essentials that are tough when a dog is amped up, like crate training.

And I should kick the bottom out of dis crate just because you don't like the looks of somebody behind us!

The price is high, varying from twelve to twenty-eight dollars per crate; and is paid in ten monthly installments.

When I picked myself up, I saw half the men securing the crate and the other half grovelling around something on the deck.

So he gave a jump out of the net, but, in a second he found himself inside the wooden crate, or box.

Then Mappo looked at the crate in which the tiger was being carried along through the jungle.