Cravat [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Cravat:

He was wearing a long collared silk shirt and an expensive cravat and an expensive silk lounging robe.

Jansoulet, seated without cravat and with his waist-coat open, was talking apparently in some agitation and in a low voice.

And the Nabob loosened his cravat about his neck, swollen like an apoplexy by his emotion and the heat of the room.

A dazzlingly white cravat made his anxious face look even paler than it really was.

His eyes were not idle, but excited and bright, though his attitude was slack and his chin rested on his tumbled cravat.

A man attired in black, with a white cravat, holding his hat in his hand, stood in the doorway.

Above his limp collar and loosened cravat, his face looked haggard and drawn.

"Sir Francis must act as he thinks fit, madam," he answered, and again touched the rose at his cravat.

In it there was a white cravat marked with the initial G., carefully folded, and upon it a short note to his wife.

His muslin cravat, rolled in the shape of a cord, hung loosely around his neck, on which stood out strongly the Adam's apple.