Craven [adjective]

Definition of Craven:

weak, timid

Synonyms of Craven:

Opposite/Antonyms of Craven:

Sentence/Example of Craven:

Anyway, there’s also something craven about encouraging people to work harder and longer hours during a freakin’ pandemic.

I will write again soon and add to the melancholy picture of a once powerful nation shuddering with craven fears.

Karl replied: In a bad way are we with our King for he is both halt & craven.

Then spake Vandrad: The King is not craven, but neither he is victorious.

Or, if dialect poetry must be concerned only with rustic life, was the Craven dalesman to have no voice in the matter?

He had punished a man for a base and craven act; he had challenged him and met him in fair fight.

But if there were, Mrs. Craven's carriage might have undone it all.

His business led him to travel into Lancashire, Craven, and even Westmoreland.

But it is a craven apology if we stoop to expound: we are seen as pleading our case before the public.

The letter she had received directed her to a beautiful mansion near Skipton in Craven.