Cravings [noun]

Definition of Cravings:

strong desire

Synonyms of Cravings:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cravings:

Sentence/Example of Cravings:

Last year, we finished a little larger study — and still not large, but we replicated the results where we showed that CBD reduced cue-induced craving and cue-induced anxiety in people who have a heroin-use disorder.

It’s a lot of the negative states and the craving and anxiety.

A week later, they still showed reduction in their craving and anxiety.

There is no takeout order that will meet the craving, which is as much about the environment surrounding a plate of chicken as it is about the blend of spices or the kiss of smoke that permeates each bite.

While most period-tracking apps are geared toward ovulation and fertility, a growing number like Clue and Flo allow women to log exercise and energy levels as well as more traditional symptoms like cramps and cravings.

If the craving for religion were universal these young folk would not be free from spiritual hunger.

As they are free from spiritual hunger, I conclude that the craving for religion is not born in us, but must be inculcated.

Opium-smoking is a vice not only deleterious in itself, but one indulged in merely to satisfy a morbid craving.

Then, one night Bud dreamed again of Marie, and awoke with an insistent craving for the oblivion of drunkenness.

As the spring comes one has the craving for fresh, green food that a monotonous diet produces.