Crawlers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Crawlers:

The rest were crawlers, mostly pub spielers and bush larrikins, and the women were hags and larrikinesses.

Then he'd hurry ashore over his plank bridge and collect snails and fuzzy worms and similar crawlers by the tide mark.

Then with Hovan, conspicuously wearing no such armor, they climbed into one of the ship's crawlers.

All crawlers, creepers, and jumpers had so long imagined that the land was theirs and had been made solely for their benefit!

The birds are nature's guarantee that the reign of the crawlers and spinners shall not become universal.

Three rubber-tracked crawlers picked their way down from the mountains until they joined the road passing the belt.

The crawlers are their enemies and I guess letting us live was their way of showing appreciation.

Dull crawlers hate the splendid wonders wrought By lofty souls untouched by rivalry.

It was accepted as an unavoidable evil that they should always have those brown crawlers about the bed.

Why, his “gipsies” were nothing but the very poorest hedge-crawlers, with never a drop of our blood in their bodies.