Crazed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Crazed:

Not only does he see growing odds of a double-dip recession, the Yale University senior fellow believes his “seemingly crazed idea” that the dollar would crash shouldn’t be so crazy anymore.

An' the old woman be quite crazed, an' well nigh dead wi' grief, an' has not been out o' bed for a fortnite.

Now I was sure that he was crazed in all truth, and I would speak him fair that I might learn what he would tell me.

And almost crazed with grief, David rushed across the room, but he stopped at the door.

Truth is, this drink-crazed madman was a hoodlum gunman from Chicago or Saint Louis, that had lost his nerve.

Lux, like one crazed, suddenly rushed headlong away between the trees and down the hill.

The consequence was that the people became almost crazed with fear.

The widow has been crazed by grief and I hear is hopelessly insane.

It would have crazed the minister of Ashfield to have heard the speech.

The man is all crazed, and grand, awfully grand, in his craziness.