Craziest [adjective]

Definition of Craziest:

mentally strange

Opposite/Antonyms of Craziest:

Sentence/Example of Craziest:

His last name was Phillips, which is all right, but he had the craziest fust name ever I heard.

No wonder she went about with an absent smile on her face, and did everything in the craziest possible way.

They are just the craziest specimens of pure jollity that flesh, blood, and fur could be wrought into.

They used to call him psychic, for he'd get some of the craziest hunches—for lack of a better descriptive word.

She considered Poppy—taking one thing with another—the craziest patient she had ever had.

And this is the craziest thing that ever happened in a person's life.

Here Chouart Groseillers (his brother-in-law) lay with two of the craziest craft that ever rocked anchor.

But it was true, although it sounded like the craziest nonsense that a man could do such a thing to himself.

Pretty cool in a fight, but when it's all over he simply goes to pieces and says the craziest things.

Instead he looked at me with the wildest, craziest expression and said: "Did Zoeth Hamilton tell you?"