Crazily [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Crazily:

Nothing—nothing but the smell of ozone and an echo bouncing crazily off the walls of the conduit.

The hinges had given under the giant's terrible assault and the door rocked crazily, held only by the bolts.

Margherita in prison was crazily recalling the strains of p. 300the waltz she had heard—Ah, what ages ago it seemed!

The engine stopped and the car bucked crazily and went into the ditch beside the highway.

My head they kept connected with taped terminals and every time I blew a fuse or a motor they would see the dials spin crazily.

Hall rushed out of the Embassy, his face twitching crazily as he charged down the marble walk to the curb.

The open door, still left loose on its hinges, swung and banged quite crazily as they went whizzing up one road and down another.

The old schooner was then a hundred yards away, careening crazily, and drifting aimlessly before the light breeze.

I toiled feverishly over operation schedules, the crazily fluctuating cost charts.

And to cap it all, the huge overhang, a thousand feet high, was swaying crazily and describing ever greater arcs.