Crazy [adjective]

Definition of Crazy:

mentally strange

Opposite/Antonyms of Crazy:

Sentence/Example of Crazy:

“We can all be arguing like crazy people but when you attack one, you attack us all.”

It was really crazy, and, at some point, you have to give yourself over to it.

What I like about these episodes is the way they capture the stir-crazy energy of living in quarantine after all these months.

The butterflies were the craziest and most surreal experience.

So, I’ve never been one to really go crazy or do anything that wild, but I will say this.

In late 2017, cryptocurrency prices went crazy as Bitcoin brushed $20,000 and the value of other digital tokens—many of them fly-by-night projects—soared inexplicably.

Fratt and Wasser agree that high-energy, ball-crazy rescue dogs make great detection dogs.

As government officials advise sheltering in place, you might start to go stir-crazy.

I’m not some freaking crazy person who has been measuring the drapes since I was 16 or any of that jazz.

It’s the only place where your politics is almost as crazy as our politics at the moment.