Creamed [adjective]

Definition of Creamed:

smooth, buttery

Synonyms of Creamed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Creamed:




Sentence/Example of Creamed:

The old-timey ice cream shops end their winter break, and people start roasting whole pigs and marinated legs of lamb.

If it is too dry, that can be easily remedied by sprinkling additional cream or broth on top and tossing the cooked dressing together before serving.

Cut the butter into manageable chunks and put it into the smaller saucepan with the cream and salt.

So far, they’ve agreed the spread will include chili, cream of potato and possibly a lobster bisque.

One enterprising software engineer, Rashiq Zahid, decided it's better to know if the ice cream machine is broken before you go.

While this isn’t the first time a McDonald’s fan has created a tool meant to track the chain’s functioning ice-cream machines — in 2017, someone made an app that relies on crowdsourced reports — McBroken is unique in its dataset.

In this case, though, it’s hard to argue that we aren’t seeing the true cream of baseball’s crop on the game’s biggest stage.

For example, we recently launched a partnership with Afters Ice Cream, a popular 28-location ice cream chain in Southern California.

Along with the fact their head coach has a prescription himself for testosterone cream.

In February, before the pandemic, I met Wick for ice cream at Myint’s insistence.