Creamery [noun]

Definition of Creamery:

producer of milk products

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Sentence/Example of Creamery:

Sadly, many employees of Rogue Creamery have lost their homes in the wildfires that have consumed much of the West Coast, and the creamery itself had to evacuate some of its cows to keep them safe.

Our own washing is done by Elizabeth, with the aid of a power machine and steam which is piped from the creamery to the laundry.

After that some mornings I go to the creamery and wrap butter, but recently I have worked for an hour or so fixing bee equipment.

There was usually a rump steak and potatoes, bread and "creamery" butterine, and the inevitable New England doughnuts.

I'd rather sell the creamery—I'll go out to work again, do cooking or housekeeping,—anything!

Then, when creameries were established in many places, the creamery was found a convenient place for the collection of eggs.

Behind this a spick and span embalming room which (except for the two tables) somewhat suggested an admirable creamery.

First they took the cream to the Springdale Creamery, where he could walk around inhaling the clean smell of steam and butter.

One day that we were butter-making a party of visitors came in to see the Creamery, as sometimes happened.

I had no idea, till I saw you the other day at the Creamery, that there was anything so pretty hereabouts.