Created [verb]

Definition of Created:

develop in mind or physically

Opposite/Antonyms of Created:

Sentence/Example of Created:

That tampering may have disrupted or created secondary structures that could affect the RNA’s stability, Mishra says.

BTS are pros at creating this kind of intimacy between artist and listenerer — and here, applying that skill to the creation of what I hereby christen “comfort pop” feels like a public service.

The agreement was another in a series of consolidation moves among online news purveyors, all aimed at creating larger, more competitive conglomerates.

With him, repertoire could create more opportunity on the roster.

The settings FromSoftware created in 2009 have the complexity of real places, which is why the game played so vividly to fans of role-playing games.

Companies are concerned that the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act could create similar problems, according to the lawmakers.

If they’re interested, there are options for groups ranging from private to public forums, including Slack, Reddit, Twitter and Discord, and creating private chat groups on tools such as Signal or iMessage.

The next few months, thanks to a pandemic and politics, may create an especially dark winter, particularly in Washington, where large problems constantly land or live but solutions arrive much less frequently.

While Lewis might need to fight for minutes with Lonzo Ball, Eric Bledsoe and George Hill at present, it’s possible that New Orleans flips one of its veteran point guards to create room in the backcourt.

Apple, for instance, has devised a method called Gatekeeper on its desktop operating system, MacOS, that improves security while still allowing any developer to create software for the Mac.