Creates [verb]

Definition of Creates:

develop in mind or physically

Opposite/Antonyms of Creates:

Sentence/Example of Creates:

Such mutual distrust necessarily creates or accompanies a lack of moral courage.

The act, however, is a progressive piece of legislation and creates new conditions as the result of its own operation.

Love creates in a wife a new woman; the woman of the day before no longer exists on the morrow.

The invader who reduces a nation to anarchy, and then suffers from the disorder he creates, always calls his opponents brigands.

A reader creates nothing new; 77 all he does is to rearrange in his own mind the images already familiar.

The great use of metaphorical language is to convey, or to aggravate the impression or sentiment which an object creates.

The country house now creates a very peculiar phase; one which deserves a chapter to itself.

So, if Love occasionally takes away the appetite, let us do him justice—he sometimes creates one.

This indulgence creates false standards, and is a serious blot on the American working-man's life.

School-life strengthens habits of industry when they exist, and creates them when they do not.