Creating [verb]

Definition of Creating:

develop in mind or physically

Opposite/Antonyms of Creating:

Sentence/Example of Creating:

So the companies coat the mRNA with an emulsion of lipids, creating little bubbles known as lipid nanoparticles.

If you don't go in with the mind-set that it's the next magical, puzzle-filled Zelda open world game, you'll find a satisfying entry in the annals of game brilliance first created by Shigeru Miyamoto more than three decades ago.

What seems clear is that the Great Fire created a gulf between the emperor and the Roman elite.

Although outdoors, the tent, if closed off to the elements, could create poor ventilation akin to dining indoors.

Although outdoors, if the tent is closed off to the elements it could create poor ventilation akin to dining indoors.

Drafting the 19-year-old Ball would create positional conflicts with Russell and potentially send mixed messages to the Timberwolves’ two centerpieces about the organization’s desire to win now.

Pfizer aims to create 50 million doses globally, with the United States to receive about half.

A small percentage of our workforce comes to us on public assistance, and we remove employment barriers and create opportunities for individuals that too many overlook.

“If it feels like Shopify is using deep data across merchants in a way that feels like it could create more competition than merchants have signed up for, then that would be a reason for merchants to become a little more skeptical.”

The minds at SpotX’s media partners may have created the content — but it was SpotX that spun it into gold.