Credibility [noun]

Definition of Credibility:


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Sentence/Example of Credibility:

This way, you build brand credibility, brand awareness, and are able to help out potential customers.

I expect that soon there will be more who come forward to provide credibility to crypto and digital assets, as their relevance and benefits are unavoidable.

This measure provides a method to evaluate credibility, restore trust and better serve the police and the community.

SEO plays a very crucial role in getting more reach and credibility.

Esketamine, the first new method to treat depression in 25 years, is gaining credibility.

Not only does it look sloppy and unprofessional, but it hurts your credibility and the legitimacy of the article.

Vaus, though, has some credibility with the left, said John Hoy, his campaign consultant.

Build trust and credibility with Google and the people visiting your site.

In addition to considering publications’ credibility, you’ll also want to look at what types of links these publications include in their articles.

The current credibility crisis in science is a serious one, that major results are not replicating.