Credible [adjective]

Definition of Credible:


Opposite/Antonyms of Credible:

Sentence/Example of Credible:

For instance, if your business hours are inconsistent across multiple platforms, your business will not be perceived as credible or reliable.

At the same time, all commitments to net zero must be underpinned by clear and credible plans to achieve them.

A majority of House Republicans opted to reject those votes, despite the utter lack of credible evidence that anything suspect had happened in the state’s election.

More likely, Goff will be a credible veteran starter who can play until whichever college quarterback the Lions ultimately draft is ready.

In creating your SEO strategy, you will have ensured your site is easy to navigate, simple to search, accessible, and – critically – credible.

When demand for information about a topic is high but the supply of credible information is low, you get a data deficit, and that deficit will quickly be filled up with misinformation.

Darche said the agency would appear unreasonable and less credible if it were to make penalty recommendations that were “out of line with precedent.”

According to the Washington Post, the FBI’s Norfolk Field Office sent a situational awareness report on January 5 about credible threats of violence at the Capitol.

For the attack on the Capitol, the FBI has been outspoken to direct all credible evidence to them.

After being informed by our police that the intelligence would not meet the “credible threat” standard to cancel the permit, we attempted instead to relocate the “Unite the Right” rally to a safer location.