Creditably [adverb]

Definition of Creditably:

most excellently

Synonyms of Creditably:

Opposite/Antonyms of Creditably:


Sentence/Example of Creditably:

In 1819 he acquitted himself most creditably of a mission entrusted to him by that young man.

Others—probably the majority—go for complete indifference, and succeed creditably on the whole.

All things considered Cecil carried it off creditably, and greeted her unexpected visitor with sufficient cordiality.

I had begged Severnius not to ask me to see any visitors at all until I could acquit myself creditably in conversation.

He feared no man and was sure to acquit himself creditably no matter in what circumstances he was placed.

For the period he served as a soldier he acquitted himself creditably.

He had passed creditably every time, but notwithstanding this, he seemed no nearer to securing an appointment.

They certainly were very much in love, and Herbert had borne himself creditably in every way.

Where they have been able to equip hospitals the work has been very creditably done.

Given one team bent upon acquitting itself creditably, and another team determined to win, which will be victorious?