Credited [verb]

Definition of Credited:

believe, depend on

Synonyms of Credited:

Opposite/Antonyms of Credited:

Sentence/Example of Credited:

Aunty Rosa had credited him in the past with petty cunning and stratagem that had never entered into his head.

Hope-Jones, however, is generally credited with introducing the first practical stop-keys.

Should the undertaking yield profits, Uville shall also be credited for 2000 dollars for the value of the model.

He was credited with having gained an income of twenty thousand francs by discounting authors' and other complimentary tickets.

I do not understand this epithet; it is usually the crow who is credited with a long life.

The grand army with which some War Office genius credited us appear to have served their purpose.

Only in part, for the innate proneness of the German mind to research must be credited with some share in the result.

Hermits, however, are generally credited with requiring a very moderate supply.

Upon another occasion, when the Sheikh came to call upon us, his four attendants were credited with having consumed a whole sheep!

When this is credited, practice immediately follows; and Dr Plausible was aware of the fact.