Crediting [noun]

Definition of Crediting:

recognition; trust

Synonyms of Crediting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crediting:

Sentence/Example of Crediting:

Issues around one wage, getting rid of the tip credit and paying waitstaff not sub-minimum-wage anymore, but with that comes tip sharing.

The first company Team8 Fintech is building will provide an engine to evaluate credit risk of small- and medium-sized enterprises in e-commerce.

Paycheck Protection Program funds are gone, and for most businesses, revenue hasn’t nearly recovered — but they have neither access to unlimited credit nor the means to pay it back.

I started my credit card processing company, Gravity Payments, 16 years ago to support these small businesses.

They often cite the trillions in fiscal spending and super-loose monetary policy that have deluged the economy with cheap credit.

It was a one-time payment and you got credit for what we call a credited season, as if you had played, and your benefits and retirement and all the issues with that.

Those fellows will receive service or field study credit for their work, or simply volunteer.

To their credit, Banana Republic matched our offer, and they also gave up all commission on every sale for that collection.

Some websites that review credit products for consumers have pointed to that lack of transparency as a red flag and advised consumers to seek other options before borrowing from Oportun.

After all, here was a babe equipped to face the exigencies of a censorious world; in looks and apparel a credit to any father.