Credits [noun]

Definition of Credits:

recognition; trust

Synonyms of Credits:

Opposite/Antonyms of Credits:

Sentence/Example of Credits:

The difficulty of educating handlers of bills in distant places as to American credits.

These shipments in the past have been financed through credits drawn on European centers.

In 1840 the Barbets had become regular usurers dealing in credits with the firm of Cerizet and Company.

When he recovers he credits his recovery to whatever he may have done just preceding that recovery.

Omaha legend credits the Arikara with first having corn and with having distributed to other tribes.

It can be done by devoting a page of the account book to the dates on which, and the amounts in which, the actual credits come in.

The long voyage and delay en route compel the importer to ask long credits.

But instead we see prices staying high—because the banks have issued so much paper money and bank credits.

In a village or small town where everyone knows everyone, long credits are possible with barter.

In both cases the war credits are voted by the legislative bodies responsible to French and German opinion.