Credo [noun]

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The solarpunk credo is to grow the new world in the soil exposed by the widening cracks of the old world.

The priest said the Exaudi nos, exhorted the insensible figure, then recited the Credo and the Litany, the sacristan responding.

Beethoven used this figure for the Credo of his first mass, which he chanced to be composing at the time.

Some hurried sketches belonging to the Credo are found amongst the remarks of his friends, and also sketches for the Agnus Dei.

The Allegro molto which enters in the Credo at the words et ascendit is shorter in the autograph than in the printed edition.

That his mind was full of his Mass is indicated by the somewhat irrelevant quotation from the text of the Credo.

He must have little music in his soul who is deaf to such a Credo.

When he began to recite the Credo in the ordinary Bulgarian tongue, the congregation fell on their knees and burst into tears.

Respondet, credo, et signat se cruce Christi: portat in fronte, et non erubescit de cruce Domini sui.

Post inventa conclusio est, qua credo usuros veteres illos fuisse, si jam nota et usurpata res esset.