Credulity [noun]

Definition of Credulity:

innocence, gullibility

Synonyms of Credulity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Credulity:


Sentence/Example of Credulity:

Her apologists say this all happened before she was running for office, but it stretches credulity to say that much changed over two years.

That strains credulity — even if you accept that judges may not pay as close attention to politics as the people reading and writing this piece.

This is the true principle of the credulity of nations, and of the authority of those who pretend to guide them.

Thus the advantage we might draw from all these motives for credulity, is found about the same in all sorts of religions.

What a pity, that credulity should injure the cause of true religion!

We find men of these characters in nations the most ignorant and savage, where they live by the ignorance and credulity of others.

And, thanks to her simple credulity, he had succeeded even more easily than he could have hoped.

To doctors and priests such as we here describe, the ignorant credulity of their clients is a source of wealth.

His reports were often false—partly with design, partly from the credulity of panic.

The credulity of the public has been put to its extreme capacity of false impression relative to her conduct in this particular.