Creel [noun]

Definition of Creel:

woven container

Synonyms of Creel:

Opposite/Antonyms of Creel:


Sentence/Example of Creel:

And this is one reason why the modern fisherman always carries a creel.

He had been drawing on his waders and buckling on his creel.

For this purpose the Strathspey lads got an old creel to put him in and some straw to light under it.

So I got down and drew this wattle from the side of a turf creel,—you see it is a strong blackthorn, and good stuff too.

Provided with this most charming and effective of lures, the angler is always sure to fill his creel.

The trout rose as rapidly and gamily as on the previous day, and I soon had a load in my creel that pulled down uncomfortably.

His life will be the pleasanter for the interest he takes in theirs, and the skill he acquires in bringing them to bag and creel.

In order to do this it is necessary to have spools placed in a definite position in a frame called a creel.

Twelve of these pretty fellows, with a brace of good trout for the top, filled my big creel to the brim.

Tossed carelessly into one corner were a fishing-rod and a creel.