Creep [verb]

Definition of Creep:

crawl along, usually on ground

Synonyms of Creep:

Opposite/Antonyms of Creep:


Sentence/Example of Creep:

Between the labor-intensive work and that superficial creep factor, making miniatures can be solitary or even ostracizing.

They must slow the creep of mortality until the last possible moment, at which point they abruptly pivot from healers to consolers.

We can start by refusing to make or use any more digital shackles, and by refusing to let their creep extend one inch—or one use case—further.

He listened to tales of the Igorrotes, who live in huts like beehives and creep into them like insects.

It was some minutes before the children dared to creep out of the bushes again.

There, in broad daylight, I saw Maloney deliberately creep closer to the fire and heap the wood on.

Don't let the idea creep into your head, that I am going to give you a dull and sleepy essay on music.

I am too sore and bruised to be thankful; I feel, sometimes, as if I could creep into a dark corner and cry my heart out.

He had seen Mildred creep from babyhood into childhood, and bud from girlhood to womanhood.

Jehosophat wished he were as small as Hop-o'-my-Thumb, so that he could creep through the keyhole and never be seen at all.