Creepiest [adjective]

Definition of Creepiest:

nasty, scary

Synonyms of Creepiest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Creepiest:

Sentence/Example of Creepiest:

Those algorithms are very powerful, and yet somehow not powerful enough to avoid making recommendations that are creepy.

While the previous game excelled at creepy atmosphere, “Little Nightmares 2” is more consistently terrifying, so much that it can be emotionally exhausting.

He discovers her laid out on the altar of a creepy church, wearing nightclothes and muttering incomprehensibly about “keeping the brightness hidden.”

Now he’s got an ’80s-style ’fro with the creepy mustache and Ray-Bans and the red suit.

Just look at this side-by-side photo of me—it’s the same one, but it only took me 30 seconds to put that creepy smile on my face using Photoshop’s Smart Portrait neural filters.

The footage we've seen puts players in the shoes of Ethan Winters, RE7's protagonist, who is forced, once again, to find and explore a creepy mansion—though this one is far more palatial than the bayou-adjacent dump he previously explored.

In other words, if you think isolated mini-brains—known formally as brain organoids—floating in a jar is creepy, upgrade your nightmares.

Dickens’s story is beautifully structured, appropriately festive, and just the right amount of creepy.

This might sound creepy, but tears have ingredients insects can use.

As a server, Sandy Tran was used to unwanted comments on her appearance, but the coronavirus precautions enforced by her Dallas restaurant now required full-time face coverage — a literal barrier between Tran and creepy customers.