Crenelated [adjective]

Definition of Crenelated:

at war

Synonyms of Crenelated:

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Sentence/Example of Crenelated:

Several episcopals and their servants, entrenched upon a crenelated terrace, fired down upon us with cross-bows.

The crenelated battlements were transformed into mere parapets, the chemins de ronde into terraces and hanging gardens.

Between the circles the ducks are repeated, facing a shield enriched with rows of the crenelated pattern surmounted by a vine.

The wind moaned about the crenelated turrets; sentinels of the Pisans stood everywhere, alert for ambush.

Shall (or Quetta as we know it now) is described as a town of about 300 houses, surrounded by a slight crenelated wall.

When the roof was flat, it seems to have generally been surmounted by a parapet the top of which was crenelated.

The city itself has apparently an outer and an inner wall, both of which are crenelated as usual.

Two massive square towers, crenelated at the top and pierced by a few round-headed windows, flank the western front.

Surmounting it is a needle-like spire which rises above the crenelated battlement of its tower in a most fantastic manner.

Like all Mexican frontier haciendas, this one was surrounded by a tall crenelated wall.