Crept [verb]

Definition of Crept:

crawl along, usually on ground

Synonyms of Crept:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crept:


Sentence/Example of Crept:

Drowned every few seconds by our tremendous salvoes, this more nervous noise crept back insistently into our ears in the interval.

All felt strangely as if something evil had crept into their lives, and their excitement was great.

A sense of inferiority crept over him, as on the first day of his arrival at Alexandria.

The leaves were motionless, the river crept past without a murmur, the dark hills rose out of the distant desert like a wave.

Finally, his predicament became so awkward that an expression of distress crept into his face.

Though she was warmly wrapped in a soft rug of silvery fur, a chill crept into her heart.

"He wouldn't be likely to notice you if you crept along the bottom of a furrow," Mr. Blackbird assured Grandfather Mole.

The shadows lengthened and crept out like stealthy, grotesque monsters across the grass.

Some who were wounded but not killed, a few children who crept under the garments of their dead mothers, lived until the morning.

A chill, sinister feeling crept over me, but I kept my gaze fixed steadily in the same direction.