Cresting [verb]

Definition of Cresting:

reach highest point

Synonyms of Cresting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cresting:

Sentence/Example of Cresting:

Beyond, the hill went upward suddenly with the curve of a cresting wave.

Cresting a rise about three miles distant I made out a dark mass moving forward along our track, and that at a rapid rate.

Three mornings they put out and fought it and the cresting seas it drove that turned to ice as they fell in-board.

The trail ran along a narrow ledge cresting an abrupt but bushy steep.

The Mission down below, in the dell, appeared in a bluish mist, only the cathedral cresting the hill.

The total height of this screen is not less than thirty feet, of which the cresting is about a third.

The silver mace-heads were mostly plain, with a cresting of leaves or flowers in the 15th and 16th centuries.

There are no more pointed arches; every arch is an ogee; and the cresting consists of wavy tracery surmounted by a battlement.

The cresting was made between 1675 and 1678 by Thomas Austin, following more or less the style of the work below.

Yet the Socialist party is not the movement, any more than the cresting billow is the torrent.