Cretin [noun]

Definition of Cretin:

obnoxious stupid person

Synonyms of Cretin:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cretin:


Sentence/Example of Cretin:

Another author mentions a cretin who could tell exactly the birthdays and death-days of the inhabitants of his town for a decade.

The poetical whim of Cretin, a French poet, brought into fashion punning or equivocal rhymes.

The cretin, whose eyes caught a glimpse of the cake, laughed, and began to try to reach out her hand to take it.

The cretin was the one variety of the human species with which the commandant had not yet come in contact.

Benassis himself, after a close scrutiny of the dull eyes and corpse-like face, gently took the cretin's hand and felt his pulse.

The difference between an uninstructed young deaf-mute and a cretin is immense.

The male criminal in this respect resembles the epileptic, and especially the cretin, in whom grey hair is seldom seen.

The Hindoo fakir bears about with him the burden of his vision, as the Cretin his goître.

Something of the goître and cretin influence seems to settle on my spirits sometimes, on the lower ground.

Can they wish more from us than the most incapable cretin in the public service?