Cretinism [noun]

Definition of Cretinism:

utter stupidity

Synonyms of Cretinism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cretinism:

Sentence/Example of Cretinism:

Certainly, and you can think yourself happy, until gradually a contented cretinism steals over you, body and mind.

Such children, in their mental hebetude and physical degeneracy, suggest a degree of cretinism.

The Swiss have similar feelings as to those of their families whom cretinism has reduced to idiocy.

Not being aware of this act of cretinism, she went at him on the marriage business with a hopeful spirit.

The peculiar disease called cretinism, as well as goitre, has been attributed to a predominance of certain chemicals in the soil.

Plagues and pestilences of all kinds, cretinism too, and all scrofulous disorders, are probably mere questions of ventilation.

Such doses of thyroid may, of course, have a beneficial action in a limited number of cases of myxedema and cretinism.

It is distinctly associated with cretinism and its interrupted intellectual development.

If the thyroid gland was at fault we would have either the low mentality commonly spoken of as cretinism, or myxedema.

A case of moral depravity associated with mental deficiency, and cretinism.