Crevasse [noun]

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Covered in crevasses hundreds of miles long, this place became the first active fault zone found on Mars.

A probing tool like this can be vital when crossing glaciers and other terrain, which commonly have holes, crevasses, water, and other hazardous features under the snow.

While we climb through high-consequence zones, where rockfall, icefall, cold, or a crevasse could result in injury or death, the risk of getting hurt from a human-caused mistake on the road is often far greater.

A crevasse was made in the levee above New Orleans flooding much of the city.

Or perhaps the Zab may have found some great crevasse in the mountains which gave it the opportunity that it needed.

A small crevasse opened near at hand and was a natural receptacle for rubbish.

A tunnel was driven into the sloping surface of the ice towards a crevasse about a foot wide.

It was a ticklish business recovering the sledge which hung suspended in the crevasse.

It was expected that unless she had fallen into a crevasse she would turn up at the camp that night.

Suddenly, without any warning, half of my dogs dropped out of sight, swinging on their harness ropes in a crevasse.