Crevice [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Crevice:

Rounding the canyon rim, the path veered into a narrow crevice between massive sandstone blocks.

They’ve evolved multiple means of eluding the larger animals that endanger them—by stinging, biting, flying, jumping, running, startling, hiding in crevices, and using camouflage as well as chemical defenses.

It comes with a crevice tool and small brush but, because it’s their entry-level vac, you get fewer accessories, suction power, and battery life than some of Dyson’s pricer models.

As the pilot in command, the PPC pro needs to monitor all systems — exploring nuances and every crevice of their programs.

His foot caught; it is unknown in what,—in a twisted tie, or perhaps in a crevice of the cracking earth.

A glimpse of daylight penetrated through a crevice in the rock, and on fine nights one could see the stars.

In the deep, following silence each knew that old Mata's ear felt, like a hand, at the crevice of the shoji.

The stone walls of houses were cracked; one of the "mansions" had a zigzag crevice from top to bottom.

He removed the bar of the door and through the crevice sounded his terrible war-cry, the scream of a panther.

The crevice from which he had just issued ended in a narrow and slippery projection, a species of corbel in the peaked wall.