Crewel [noun]

Definition of Crewel:

fancy stitching

Synonyms of Crewel:

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Sentence/Example of Crewel:

She dried her tears hastily, took up her crewel-work, sat still, and said no more.

Crewel and Outline Stitches worked (J) side by side give somewhat the effect of a braid.

Another instance of crewel-stitch is given in the divided skirt, let us call it, of the personage in Illustration 72.

In solid crewel the stitches should quite cover the ground without pressing too closely one against the other.

It does not seem that Englishwomen of the 17th century were ever very faithful to the stitch we know by the name of crewel.

The muddled effect of much crewel work is due to the confusion of this stitch with crewel-stitch proper.

Thick Crewel-Stitch (C on sampler) is only a little wider than ordinary crewel-stitch, but gives a heavier line, in higher relief.

A row of crewel-stitch and one of outline-stitch, worked on to the bars, and not into the stuff, makes the central chain.

The band at J is buttonhole stitching wide apart, the bars filled in with surface crewel-stitch.

It may be interesting to compare it with crewel-stitch (A on the sampler), which is also a favourite stitch for shading.