Cribbed [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Cribbed:

Of course, now if I hand 'em in the old rhinoceros will think I cribbed 'em.

I'd read about the quarantines in the Chronicle and I cribbed shamelessly from the quotes they'd published.

When one is cabined, cribbed, confined in one's self, it is good to be enlarged in one's friends.

Cribbed and barred and moored by massive rusty chains, the prison-ship seemed in my young eyes to be ironed like the prisoners.

In the House of Commons, of late he had been so cabined, cribbed, and confined by office as to have enjoyed nothing of this.

Buster, youre a wonder at word painting, though I reckon you cribbed some of that stuff from the guide book.

Yes, or to live cribbed, cabined, and confined in a London square!

Evidently a new day of physical freedom is at last dawning for the most cribbed and crippled of Eve's unhappy daughters.

This fellow, whoever he could have been, must have been hungry; for he cribbed our ham and stuff the first shot.

Langrish told me afterwards he cribbed this last sentence out of a story he had read in a weekly newspaper.