Criers [noun]

Definition of Criers:

person who delivers news

Synonyms of Criers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Criers:


Sentence/Example of Criers:

It was the Town Crier, with whom, as with a brother artist, he had picked acquaintance the day before.

They sold their prisoners, whom they admitted were freemen, by notice through the public crier.

A crier of the bishop, distinguishable by the arms embroidered on the breast of his coat, was seen passing the house.

Notice was given by a public crier in the ancient words of style: Ollus Quiris lt datus.

The court crier cleared his throat and shouted in a raucous voice, Raymond Burton!

She was sent for, and a crier went to the door of the lodge to announce that song and ceremony were to begin.

It was at this moment of intense excitement that the crier proclaimed silence for the approaching entry of the judges.

The third judge, who had thus far been silent, now called out in a veritable town-crier voice: Heede ye!

In towns the crier frequently did the “bidding,” having first called the attention of the people by his bell.

The old crier was still shouting out, "Saddle your horses; make ready to start, men, women and all."