Crimes [noun]

Definition of Crimes:

offense against the law

Opposite/Antonyms of Crimes:

Sentence/Example of Crimes:

The consequence was, the disappointed emissary of these double treasons, immediately accused him of his own crimes.

He has for millions of years looked down upon the ignorance, the misery, the crimes of men.

When the synagogue shall be cast off, thou shalt judge it in measure, and in proportion to its crimes.-Ibid.

Police who did not understand the unorthodox methods of the Black Hood suspected him of numerous crimes.

I believe that nearly all crimes, vices, cruelties, and other evil acts are due to ignorance or to mental disease.

Whatever might have been their faults, or even their crimes, in other countries, in these their conduct had been exemplary.

Evidently the police expected to gain further information about the crimes of the Eye.

Statutes creating new crimes or increasing the punishment of old crimes ought in no case to be retrospective.

He could not deny that many times before Black Hood had beaten him to the solution of crimes, much to his embarrassment.

And in each case, McGinty had received full credit for the solving of these crimes.