Criminality [noun]

Definition of Criminality:

sin, crime

Synonyms of Criminality:

Opposite/Antonyms of Criminality:

Sentence/Example of Criminality:

She allows the reader to reach conclusions about the state of policing, how race and class intersect with criminality, and whether the tools of policing address the needs of citizens.

Their inclusion here is not intended to associate the protected activity with criminality or a threat to national security, or to infer that such protected activity itself violates federal law.

It will also curb a wide variety of international criminality and wrongdoing that currently flows through the American financial system.

The vast overrepresentation of undocumented immigrants is just one example of US television’s habit of framing stories involving immigration around criminality.

The criminality of concealing dangers that threatened many to protect one was comprehended.

He was a capitalist; he would remain one, as long as a sleepily tolerant public opinion permitted this criminality in its midst.

If on the subject of falsehood, we would impress our pupils with the fact that the degree does not affect criminality.

His true criminality now and throughout is to be gathered from the testimony of Henry Howard in the year following.

The country at length began to awaken to a sense of the criminality of those laws which it had imposed upon an inoffensive people.

They sat down in their ministerial armchairs with the consciousness of criminality in their hearts.