Criminally [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Criminally:

I think he has been very foolish; whether the Law will call it criminally foolish I should hardly like to say.

Thus one cannot steal from the other; but either is criminally liable for an assault committed on the other.

His breath came in low groans, like that of an animal smitten dead by a criminally heavy load.

If the debtor has acted criminally, let him be tried in a criminal court and punished for dishonesty.

But the physiology of our most profoundly disturbing functions is ignored—in my opinion, criminally ignored.

How careless, how criminally foolish he had been to allow himself to be trapped by so transparent a device!

Shamefully and criminally had they left (p. 53) their comrades in the lurch.

This is a fact criminally overlooked by the great mass of mankind, and especially by women.

None of them, not even the criminally inclined, are able to steal enough to support themselves.

To her trained, practical mind the whole clan seemed by now criminally careless and happy-go-lucky.