Criminals [noun]

Definition of Criminals:

person who breaks the law

Synonyms of Criminals:

Opposite/Antonyms of Criminals:



Sentence/Example of Criminals:

This is the place where the Muscovite criminals are banished to, if they are not put to death.

They have managed to do this by great efforts, and that with the criminals free, and with the power of the governor.

All the criminals go about and take their pleasure, thus occasioning much reproach.

It was a history of the lives and trials of great criminals, and the pages were soiled and thumbed with use.

No, there was nothing to worry about as long as that relentless hunter of criminals known as the Black Hood kept off their tail.

He had approached Joseph with the idea of learning something about the escaping criminals.

Black Hood knew that the criminals had taken the road toward town.

The gray sedan in which the fleeing criminals were riding had vanished, apparently into thin air.

One is reproduced here, chiefly with the object of showing the pleasing roadside humour of hanging criminals in chains.

He has established a perfect underground railway for transporting these criminals from one place to another in secret.