Cringed [verb]

Definition of Cringed:

flinch, recoil from danger

Synonyms of Cringed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cringed:

Sentence/Example of Cringed:

He hated scenes and tiresome debates as he hated people who cringed and sidled before him.

She cringed at the thought, for what was she that a man should die in her service?

“None of us cringed, unless it was you,” Ato retorted angrily.

Madge cringed as a vivid flash of lightning zigzagged across the sky to illuminate an ugly mass of dark clouds.

He cringed from the thought, although he knew that there was little to fear if he linked himself to the ship.

Master Louis cringed, divided between the desire to flee and the fear of losing his property.

Nevertheless despite the glibness with which he uttered it, he cringed and a flood of telltale color rose to his hair.

He laughed as the other cringed, his face dead white, his eyes fixed on the rider with a sort of dread fascination.

Then, whirling up an elk-horn club, he brought it full on the head of the wretched man, who cringed before him.

Bucongo turned with a grimace of fear and cringed backward before the levelled Colt of Mr. Commissioner Sanders.