Crinkly [adverb]

Definition of Crinkly:


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Sentence/Example of Crinkly:

Mr. Anderson—he's below-has crinkly noctagons, and one wouldn't believe the difference.

We crossed the upheaved plain, then the strip of white, and reached the crinkly floor of yellow salt.

The crinkly grandheads all bobbed up from their plates and nut-pickers in amazement.

Don't you just love poetry that gives you a crinkly feeling up and down your back?

After luncheon, however, Hortense asked Grandfather to tell her about the knife with the crinkly blade.

Dresses can also be made of crinkly tissue-paper glued to a foundation of plain note-paper.

Close at hand lay a speckled china cow, and near it were two seated crinkly white lambs.

Lennan stood, unheard, gazing at the back of her head, with its thick crinkly-brown hair tied back on her dark-red frock.

He was dark-skinned, he had crinkly, flowing hair, his eyes were of the curious red-brown color of a ripe chestnut.

If required crinkly on top; run over the sheet with a corded rolling pin just before cutting.