Crippled [adjective]

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The San Francisco 49ers, crippled by injuries and left further shorthanded by issues related to the coronavirus, bore little resemblance Thursday night to the team that won the NFC and reached the Super Bowl last season.

At the Thursday meeting, some school board members lamented the relative paucity of data on the actions of Alexandria SROs, which they said crippled their ability to make an informed decision on the program’s effectiveness.

He will also have to get the country back on a competitive footing with China, a rapidly rising tech superpower that now has the added advantage of not being crippled by covid-19.

Guerrero told VOSD she believes a lawsuit by the coalition would be crippled by Measure C backers’ failure to take legal action before the March election or in the 60 days after the city clerk certified the election.

You may remember 2017’s destructive NotPetya cyberattack, the repeated shutdowns of portions of the Ukrainian power grid, or the web server-crippling assault on the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

JPMorgan’s in no danger of getting in the same kind of trouble that crippled banks in the great financial crisis.

The holidays are always critical for retailers, but with the pandemic crippling local retail, in particular this year, there’s even more on the line.

Even though these outbreaks have crippled lives and the economy, the public knows almost nothing about them.

To-morrow—a crippled veteran, and after that a pensioner drifting fast into a garrulous dotage.

If this crippled ship had been full of troops instead of hay they would equally have let her slip through their fingers.